Friday, September 14, 2012

Teddy Bear Cars

My mother-in-law was planning her annual Teddy Bear Picnic for her preschool class and asked if I'd make something. I had a super busy week, so I needed something that wouldn't be too time consuming. I found this idea online and thought it was PERFECT!! No baking needed!!

I used 3 Musketeer candy bars because they would be the easiest for what I wanted to do and least messy for the preschoolers!! Some instructions online said to cut the Teddy Bears (Teddy Grahams) basically in half and "glue" them onto the car. Instead of doing that, I used a small Paring Knife to cut out a "seat" for the bears and then just pushed the legs down into the seat. I cut M&Ms in half for the steering wheel and used whole M&Ms for the wheels. I used Royal Icing (it doesn't take much) to glue everything together and for the headlights!!

This is a fun project to make WITH your kids as well!! There are tons of ways to change it up too!! Use different candy bars for the car. Use skittles or other small candies for the wheels and steering wheel. Use melted chocolate chips as your glue. Use your imagination and have fun!!!

The kids loved them - so it ended up being the perfect treat for a Teddy Bear Picnic!!

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